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  • Margie Beth is experienced and knowledgeable especially when it comes to staging a home. Staging is the ultimate key to selling a home fast and at the best price. I have personally seen Margie Beth’s work. If you or someone you know wants to make a home stand out and appeal to the highest number of potential buyers, get in touch with Margie Beth today.
    By Katrina Cade, March 19, 2018
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    This law firm is a true rip off!! If you care about your child please find another law firm to represent you! They only care about the money I paid them over 20,000 and we never went to court that was 20,000 of paperwork and emails. I went to another attorney paid 2500.00 and got results. Please save your money they don’t care about the client or the children.
    By Angel Bearden, March 18, 2018
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    I moved here in May, it is now September. Let me start off by saying that we moved here only because they were the only complex in the area that could get us into an apartment in the amount of time before our old lease ended. We knew better, but we did it anyway. We had heard the stories from friends who had lived here before. One of them, the day she was moving in, someone broke into her moving truck. We still didn't listen. The first two months we lived here, we had no working air conditioning. It was fairly temperate the week we moved in, so I thought it wasn't cooling properly because we had the door open a lot moving our things in. When it started to get hotter in June, we realized the A/C was not working at all. One week, it was 85 degrees in our apartment and nothing was done. Finally, after weeks of badgering the "maintenance" office ('maintenance' in quotations because the maintenance here is a joke, all they do is ride around in their golf carts and smoke) our air was fixed. Somewhat, anyway. It still won't cool our apartment below 75 degrees, and our power bill has not gone below $330. We've had to purchase a portable air conditioner to keep the apartment comfortable, which was ridiculously expensive compared to a window unit, but apparently this place really cares about its appearance because we're not allowed to have those. Yeah, because this place looks so fantastic that a window unit would ruin it's aesthetic. Fast forward to August, and the maintenance request we submitted in June about our dishwasher not draining and flooding our kitchen, causing mold to grow in the bottom of it, of course nothing has been done. Our front door also will not lock half of the time, which in this neighborhood is horrifying. Nothing is being done about that, either. Each weekend, groups of people gather out in the parking lots around cars, blaring music until 3 or 4 in the morning, keeping us awake and making us feel unsafe. The "security" here does nothing about that, neither do the cops that roam the place from time to time. On top of that, in the short time we've lived here, two people have been shot and crime scene tape has been up at least twice, that we know of. Long review short, this place is unfit to live in. For nearly $800 a month, this place is overpriced, underserviced and dangerous. Do not move here. Listen to these reviews, because I and countless others didn't and we're now forced to continue to live here. Please. Do not move here. Find somewhere else.
    By Jackson Pike, March 14, 2018
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    So so many reasons I would suggest against going here. Private school only out for money. You use the same books for most classes yet you are charged for books every term. Instructors are about half and half. Some are ghetto and unprofessional, others are trying to teach you what you will be doing on the job, and others only want you to do things the way they do them as if it's the only right way. Extern sites are horrible. Once you graduate good luck getting a job unless you were lucky enough to get one on your own. My extern site wasn't hiring so after finishing my hours about a month later the school helped set me up with a job making a whole dollar an hour more than I was making while in school for a job an hour away from me. Job also had nothing to do with my field. Had to move out of state and get a job in a factory. Still not having ANY luck getting a job in my field as most employers require experience. Frustrated doesn't even begin to explain how I feel owing student loans for pieces of paper I can't use.
    By Sherra Randall, March 14, 2018

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